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the incoherent language spoken when one tries to talk and yawn at the same time.
Emily tried to give me directions this morning, but she was so tired, I couldn't understand her Yawnese.
by MichiganJ March 26, 2009
the act of friending someone on Facebook, writing something mean on their wall, then unfriending and blocking them.
That jerk Shane is on Facebook now, so I did a drive-by friending on him.
by MichiganJ September 14, 2010
(n), the guilt you feel when someone on Facebook finds out you unfriended them.
Mary Beth felt great Bookshame when Mark found out she had unfriended him on Facebook.
by MichiganJ August 17, 2010
the name Scott gives his he-he.
Sheila: I can't wait to ascend the Scotterhorn.
by MichiganJ September 14, 2010

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