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A mythical creature that slaps woman as they sleep rendering them unattractive. Sister of the girl fairy.
Guy 1: "See that girl over there?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, she looks like she got slapped by the ugly fairy.'
by Michelle Barr April 20, 2008
That special time of the month when a woman's vagina is busy bleeding. Sister of the ugly fairy.
Girl 1: "Man I am sore, the girl fairy is smacking me this week."

Girl 2: "I know what you mean, the stupid bitch bit my ass last week."
by Michelle Barr April 20, 2008
A lighter version of a bastard or an asshole. Made up by my sister and me to not really swear in front of my daughter.
He's such a basthole for eating your chocolate bunny.
by Michelle Barr December 18, 2006

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