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Confident yet never conceited, this women will take you breath away. She is usually as loyal as they come, and to have her within your presence as a friend or lover is a privledge. I have never known a Michelle to let one down, to cause any problem, or do someone wrong. She is beautiful and amazingly smart.

Also, to be with her in bed is beyond the imagination! Once you have a taste of her, nothing else will suffice. Her body is like an ocean of gold of which you will never want to give up. Worth more than gold itself, this girl is a keeper.
Guy #1: How was your night?
Guy #2: I was with Michelle
Guy #1: OHhhhh I know your night was awesome!
Guy #2: Hell yeaz!

Last night was amazing, I spent it with Michelle!

That girl is as sexy as Michelle!
by Michelle's Lover January 02, 2012

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