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when a hoe gets fucked or raped in the asshole.
dude 1: damn i booty raped sum hoe walking down the street.....i rubed my dick up and down her ass craked then sliped it in and cumed all over it.
dude2: damn why didnt u invite me?
by Michel angelo January 18, 2009
when you sprinkle your jizz all over a hoes face... like a water hoes sprinkler
joe:damn dude i sprinkled your girl last night bro she was licking it off her mouth.
jhon: aww u bitch so thats why her breath stunk like dick.....
by Michel angelo January 18, 2009
when you stuff your fat dick inside a hoes fat cat or ass so hard that they cant walk straight for a week....( limping)
Chuchin: damn bro i jumbo jacked your girl last week and shes bearly recovering
johnatan: no wonder she had troble sitting down
by Michel angelo January 18, 2009
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