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Sometimes I think that white people are confused on the issue. There has been a lot of diatribe about the word and no real conclusion. So I will break it down, you can not appreciate the power of the word unless you entire history and ancestry was based upon and can be categorized in a single word slave. Jewish people can appreciate this fact because of the persecution the felt during WWII, but the rest of you, don't think you really understand. It is said that 6 million Jewish people died in the holocaust, FYI twice as many died in slavery. Slavery brought about the word so there is so much negative feelings attached to it that to grossly generalize it as a word that means only what Webster says it is, is a slight on everyone that fought for civil equality. Now the word Nigga, that is a different story in itself, that word is meant to be used by niggas' and niggas' only. GET IT, so white boys and girls if think about using the word don't, take it out of your vocabulary, cause it wasn't meant for you like cornrolls, du-rags, and just actin hood in general. Take my advice just do you.

Every body want to be a NIGGA but nobody want to be a NIGGA
-Paul Mooney
white boy on Halo, screaming out NIGGER this and NIGGER that. Asking every black person on the sticks "Are you a NIGGER" going into the lobby after the game calling you and your boys NIGGERS'

This is the future of America.


For all those that play online you know what I am talking about.

Being a NIGGA isn't something you can manufacture it is innate ( born with it ).


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