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3 definitions by MichalekAdam11

To ejaculate, see masterbate
Mom:Hey, what'd you do after school today?

You: Oh, I was burping the worm.
by MichalekAdam11 January 25, 2005
One of the goofiest songs ever written. It was a one hit wonder from the band Starland Vocal Band.
It was also in the movie "Anchorman" where Will Ferrel sings it to describe love.
"Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight. Gonna get a little afternoon delight. Sky rockets in Flight. BEEEOOY. Afternoon delight. WOOOP"

"Hey Ron what does love feel like?"
"(sings song)"
by MichalekAdam11 January 25, 2005
The name we called a kick who had a curved penis, see Captain Hook
"Did you hear about that kid?"
"Yeah his thing is shaped like a banana"
by MichalekAdam11 January 25, 2005