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3 definitions by Michaelann Dach

no guy over 250lbs. When a girl is specific in things she wants in a guy and weight being one of them
Fat guy trying to pick you or one of your friends

You stop them quickly before they can get their word in and say "Um -NG250!

kinda like pg13 no kids under 13 -ng250 is no guys over 250!

He looks puzzled and your friend says UH No guys over 250lbs!
by Michaelann Dach December 25, 2008
5 2
Beaver-fung-itis- an infection a boyfriend or girlfriend will get after they went down on their girlfriends beaver that had a yeast infection
does he have chapped lips?? Naw he got beaverfungitis from chowing on nasty beaver
by Michaelann Dach April 22, 2008
6 3
Where a fat guy doesnt have a stomach hanging in front of him like a beer belly or a keg its a big piece of skin hanging down to his waist or his knee's. Like the flaps on the back of the truck
You anda friend see a guy who streaches and lifts his shirt and all you see is skin not even shaped hanging down.

Your Friends says "Ew he doesnt even have a keg"
You say "No joke it looks like a Mud Flap hanging down like the back of a truck.

by Michaelann Dach December 20, 2008
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