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23 definitions by MichaelToTheJ

The Roman Empire was very powerful, especially in AD 117, when they controlled most of Europe. The emperor was Julius Caesar. (I think there were more, but I can't be bothered to list all of them.) They were very civilised, at the time, and apparently knew how to keep order.
1. Brian - "Bloody Romans"

2. Reg - "Apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"
by MichaelToTheJ May 13, 2007
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A slut/a girl who sleeps around. Called a minefield because a lot of men have planted their flag there; this would give the appearance of a minefield. This term also implies there is a dangerous element; you never know when you might figuratively step on a mine and get an STD.
Don't sleep with Lisa bro, she's a minefield.
by MichaelToTheJ June 05, 2013
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The awesome feeling you get after attending a great gig (live show).

Symptoms include:

.Infallible belief that you rule
.Willingness to fight anyone who believes otherwise (if having just left a metal gig)
.Inability to stop smiling/dancing
.Feeling that all is right with the world

A gig high usually lasts for a couple of days before it fades away and you go back to feeling normal again.
Guy: "Damn, I am on a huge gig high from that Enter Shikari gig last night. I'm still raving several hours later! Man, am I awesome! Everything is awesome right now!"
by MichaelToTheJ October 15, 2011
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A pub meeting (also known as a bar meeting) is just that: a meeting held in a pub or bar. Said meeting is for 2 or more people to discuss anything vaguely serious and is not a social event.

However, due to the location and available alcohol, it often turns into a social event. For this reason, pub meetings are not hugely effective or efficient and not recommended if you want to get things done, genuinely discuss something that you are serious about or discuss business matters. They are best organised to discuss ideas in the form of a simple brainstorming session; and the addition of alcohol makes it that much more interesting.
We need ideas for that film we're gonna make. Let's have a pub meeting.
by MichaelToTheJ March 09, 2011
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The process of playing gigs. (used when you are in a band)
1. Me and my band are bored and ready for some giggery.
by MichaelToTheJ June 04, 2007
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A phrase used when somebody is abusing something that they own/have access to. Usually something that they have paid good money for.
Guy 1: "My laptop isn't working again."

Guy 2: "Stop filling it with crap, then. You wouldn't buy a hooker just to kick her, would you."
by MichaelToTheJ March 14, 2011
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Winning in two or more areas of your life, at any given time. Or simply winning here and winning there.

Coined by Charlie Sheen in his recent interview. The interviewer asked him if he was bipolar and he replied: "I'm not bipolar, I'm bi-winning."

I just got a promotion and got laid in the same day! I'm really bi-winning right now.
by MichaelToTheJ March 10, 2011
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