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1 definition by MichaelJ

As I understand it a definative "chav" is a person from a working class background who has fallen upon good fortune and gained a small wealth (possibly from the outrageous British property market or by being employed as a proffesional football player). As opposed to bettering themselves or investing said gains a "chav" proceeds to spend their financial winfall on overpriced "fashion" labels and garish jewellery (always gold). A "chav" as I now commonly use the word has become a label for teenagers to twenty-somethings who exercise boorish behaviour, commonly found congregating around local shops and telephone boxes for the teenage "chav" and in national chain "Wine-bars" for the over 18 versions. I have also read that the term "chav" is a modern version of the word "yuppie" but as opposed to a ponytail, mobile phone and shiny polyester suit a "chav" dons a magnitude of gold that would make Mr T jealous, a baseball cap (the more jaunty the angle the better) and clothing with someone elses name written all over it ie; Fred Perry, Henry LLoyd ect.....
Examples of "chavs" in the social limelight are Colleen Rooney, The Sugababes (especially Mutya, which is such a fitting name) and most proffesional footballers.
by MichaelJ January 06, 2006