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a distortion that was used into guitars in the late 80s and mid. 90s. this distortion was so creative that it made some of the best bands people ever see.
it was said that Nirvana created grunge but they only put it on the billboard music awards. It fell into deep sleep after kurt cobain was shot( there is evedince against courtney love murdered him) then its last step into sleep was when the lead singer for alice in chains died after a over dose.
nirvana is the god of grunge but there are other bands out there. I myself is starting a grunge band check out our myspace our grunge bands name is Time will tell.
guy: hey u like grunge
other guy: yea I think it sucks kurt died
other guy: wonder wh got him high then wrote a fake deathnote with the courtney loves hand writing
guy: she made grunge sleep
by Michael eskew January 05, 2008

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