3 definitions by Michael Worton

verb: To discover something interesting or useful via any means of sleuthing necessary.
You looked at her facebook status and saw that she was at a Blue Jacket's game, then recalled a photograph, and googled Blue Jackets. You then discovered it was a hockey team out of Columbus, Ohio. Which lead to your discovery of her presence in Ohio. DANG! You Sherlock Holmes'ed the hell out of that!
by Michael Worton January 15, 2008
verb: to quickly reference www.imdb.com the Internet Movie Database, to either prove a point to your friends, to show off your movie knowledge, or even just for your betterment!
Hey, in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, did they use The Beatles' version of Twist & Shout? THEY DID! I just imdb'd it!
by Michael Worton December 03, 2007
verb: when one of pale ancestry tans in the summer with a shirt on. The head is red, the torso white and the legs red. Thus one is polish flagged.
Hey John how was your trip to the beach?

Oh man, not so hot, I got polish flagged.
by Michael Worton January 15, 2008

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