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Ellijay is a town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia. It has received a bad reputation of being very boring and hill-billyish. While both of those identifications are true, it's not so bad. The hill-billies are nice people. They just have southern accents, and some of them are very passionate about their animals. I too like animals, as do many other people. I am the furthest from a hill-billy in this town, but I like animals. Some of the hill billies fit into the social classifications of "preps" or "punk kids" or "members of the crowd". The only imaginary filter that creates hill billies of them is their southern location, monetary income, home, and/or accent. Don't get me wrong. there are some pretty stupid people in the town, but let's not cancel out the good ones with those stupid people. The good people can also help to cancel out the other flaw. Boredom. Big amusement parks, skate parks, bowling alleys, and other hang outs that Ellijay doesn't have are only fun if you're with People. So, people will cure boredom. But... Ellijay is a not so good town, but it's what you make it. I personally like Ellijay. But it's what I make it.
"Ellijay has a walmart! Let's go!"
"Gilmer High School... They have a pretty good wrestling team. State champs... where is it?" "Ellijay!"
"Ellijay! there's only one!?" "No! silly! East Ellijay only doubles the fun!"
by Michael William Mooney September 11, 2005

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