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A piece of poop or turd.
1.Where is my god damn new stinkpickle? I laid it down on the couch a minute ago and now it is nowhere to be found.

2. That was the most disgusting stinkpickle I have ever seen. Did you get pictures?
by Michael White February 13, 2005
A filthy woman with little to no moral value. She posseses a strong stench and terrible attitude.Also see skank or skeezer
Dude, you need to tell that dirty skagwhore to get the f*@k outta our house.
by Michael White February 13, 2005
1.To kiss on the mouth.

2.To connect mouthparts.
1.Frank and I have practicing our mouthkiss techiques all day.

2. I once tried to mouthkiss a skagwhore but she farted on my leg and ruined the entire moment.
by Michael White February 13, 2005
v.tr. To copulate animalistically in a garden. Like bunny-fucking but with sharper claws.
And if everyone does why aren't we in the garden rutting like stoats at all times?
by Michael White April 22, 2004
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