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1 definition by Michael Washington

A military assault vechle used to destroy things it is mounted with a cannon loaded with 35mm shells also normaly tanks are mounted with a 50 calibur machine gun and 3 soldiers fit inside. (english, and american tanks fit 3 an israel tank normally fits 2 as they only controll Gps and The cannon an israely tank does not have a mounted 50 calibur machine gun) Also tanks can be used for escorts in very serious situations of war A.K.A the 9/11 that sparked the war between America And Iraq the convoys of soldiers may be escorted by 2 humvees with 50 calibur machine guns / recoil rifles and a tank in some situations of serious gun fire
Look theres a tank coming *boom*

Name. Status. How?
Alix K.I.A Tank
by Michael Washington September 07, 2006