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6 definitions by Michael Waldren

Strawberry clock is the king of the Portal. Everyone loves strawberryclock.
Look at what I said Above^^
by Michael Waldren August 15, 2004
60 29
Cheap little pieces of Sh*t. Also the reason kids buy happy meals!
A Fast Food Toy? Throw it away!
by Michael Waldren July 03, 2004
14 4
The Maker of FDA. A musical genius! Also Known As Lavender Hill Mob.
OMG! Shok is the best musician ever!
by Michael Waldren May 17, 2004
18 9
The creators of eskimo bob. tomas is bob, and alan is alfonzo.
I sure wish I could meet tomas and Alan!
by Michael Waldren March 16, 2004
8 5
A koala bear that stays on your desktop. The equivalent to bonzi buddy, oska will work as spyware and should not be downloaded.
Damn you, oska! I wish I never downloaded you!
by Michael Waldren May 23, 2004
3 3
A common misspelling of Wade. Usually done on purpose when typing. Nickname for Wade Fulp!
Waid Plz Ban!
by Michael Waldren May 23, 2004
6 45