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Where you wipe your ass with the persons head hair after taking a monster dump
I gave Taylor Link a spanish turnip for his birthday and he threw up
by Michael Wahl February 11, 2005
the act of spraying your hand with axe deoderant, lighting it on fire, and slapping some kid in the face. this may cause severe burning such as the chase smith effect but who gives a fuck
charlie flame slapped my ass
by Michael Wahl March 26, 2005
too take a delightful dump in a woman's pussy. WARNING only commit when she is either sleeping or on some serious drugs
dude, i did a tiberian butt mongrel with annie last night
by Michael Wahl March 04, 2005
When someone is sleeping you spread your butt cheeks and stick their nose in your asshole and fart, then slap their face with your cheeks
i gave andrew mitchell a big montana last night
by Michael Wahl March 04, 2005
When you bob for apples with a tea filled bucket with cum filled balloons floating around
Brian Wallace had a Belgium Dip party but he was the only kid who showed up
by Michael Wahl March 08, 2005
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