3 definitions by Michael Vincent

The obnoxious look on the face of one who beleives that his/her shit does not stink. Also known as a "shit eating grin."
"How dare you stand there with that smug mug, while the stench of your flatulence makes my eyes tear up!"
by Michael Vincent March 11, 2009
The celebratory ritual of dance, preformed by football players after scoring a touchdown.
Terrell Owens performed a ridiculously absurd endzone dance, despite his team trailing by 3 touchdowns.
by Michael Vincent August 15, 2007
Abbreviated form of the phrase "cozy bugs." The act of getting into bed early with multiple blankets, thus creating extreme comfort.
"It's been a long day babe, how bout we get bugs tonight?"
by Michael Vincent March 12, 2009

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