4 definitions by Michael Taylor

Adj. Something is Acamatric if and only if it is not entirely wise. Therefore all Acamatric things are in bijection with all not entirely wise things.
Albert you are being Acamatric today. That is not entirely wise.
by Michael Taylor December 16, 2004
hunger pains that pulsate up to your sternum
After being on three connecting flights and two trains without a moment to eat I realized i was hungry up to my rib cage
by Michael Taylor December 04, 2003
Exceedingly good. can be used to describe anyhting which is so good that there is no word for it.
Person 1: what did you think of her arse?
Person 2: it was smesh lemmony fresh mate!
by Michael Taylor December 11, 2003
when you are raised by naked sweedish nannies
I asked him if he was african american, and he said no i'm natish.
by Michael Taylor October 22, 2003

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