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1) Slang for 'Cannabis growing in the city'. Often clandestine, and for recreational purposes, thus
2) Slang, Pun: "Herb 'n' Hemp", 'herb' referring to recreational or medicinal Cannabis.
3) Branded line of smart contemporary fashion line made with hemp and hemp-blended fabrics.
1) Todd's urbanhemp garden was indoors, and a secret to all but his wife.
2) The smell of burning urbanhemp was strong at the Reggae concert.
3) Check out the current urbanhemp (tm) catalog, it has lots of smart hemp clothes modeled by men and women with hemp growing outdoors in a crowded urban setting.
by Michael Sutherland January 21, 2004
1) Cannabis sativa of, by, and for the people.
2) The hemp artifacts and hemp culture practiced traditionally by peoples of various ethnic identities
3) Cannabis sativa beyond the reach of the State, i.e. underground, untaxed.
4) Branded line of handmade and traditional hemp products.
5) Cannabis produced traditionally for personal use.
1) Everywhere they went, peopleshemp provided ready supplies of essential nutrition, fiber, fuel and medicine necessary for daily life.
2) The colorful and intricate shoulderbag was handmade by Ms. Bi, a distinguished Sani Yi woman well known for her peopleshemp creations.
3) Peopleshemp is the largest cash crop in several States, yet this economy remains outside the governments grasp.
4) The rare, 100% hemp shoulderbag auctioned for $375 on eBay, but less expensive peopleshemp (tm) items are regularly available in all price ranges.
5) The peopleshemp common in Southeast Asia is known for its seed and fiber, while the peopleshemp common in Afghanistan is better known for its resin
by Michael Sutherland January 21, 2004

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