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Used when you have no idea what the true word is for the object in question, often used when stoned and unable to recall the proper word, used in particular when the object referred to is obvious and its name is not important to reference it or when its simply humurous to drop the name. Sometimes used to buy time while you remember the real name.
Speaker: "Hey pass me that samafram so I can tighten this lug nut."
Speaker: "Dont bogart that samafram."
Speaker: "Your samafram is loose."
Speaker: "Can you pick up some samafram at the store? Some of the red stuff?"
#substitute #object #thing #you know #frigger #jib
by Michael Smith June 19, 2006
One who "temps".....
(Dude1):Oh she is suck a cock tease.

(Dude2): Yes she is a Temptist
by Michael Smith February 27, 2005
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