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The natural tendency of relationships to disintegrate. Based on the concept of entropy in nature, this phenomenon can be measured by considering factors related to the compatibility and mental integrity of friends.
Rita has a extremely high rate of frientropy because she is a jealous, back-stabbing bitch, whereas Nancy's frientropy rate is rather low because she has a magnetic personality and is nice to everyone.
by Michael Sinnott October 15, 2007
1. The act of accidental, simultaneous urination and defecation resulting from a failed attempt at forceful flatulence.

2. When you try really hard to fart, but you accidentally poop and pee your pants
During my desperate attempt to fart on my fiance's Dad before the wedding, I got overzealous and shartinkled in my tuxedo. Hopefully, the two opposing smells will neutralize each other. Otherwise Steph will be pissed, that means I'm in deep shit!
by Michael Sinnott October 05, 2008

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