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Sikh men traditionally have Singh as their surname to denote their adherence to the Sikh religion, however, Sikh youths today tend to use it as a noun and like to think of themselves as gangstas, even to the rather comical extent of wearing large hooded tops over their turbans.
MUN! You bettah watch it init, coz i is a SINGH and i is gonna take you down init bruahhhhhhh.
by Michael Shane May 12, 2005
Weaponised testicles commonly employed by those needing a discreet yet deadly method of attack.
Flickinghis bellcap open like the clear plastic cover from the red firing button of an F-16's control stick, he took careful aim and launched his two wire guided testicles toward the enemy genitalia. With a figure-of-8 twist the homing balls met their target and detonated; sending phallic fragments everywhere.
by Michael Shane September 20, 2006

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