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Born 1925 Died 1966

One of the pioneers of shock comedy - and comedy altogether. Performed material that would be risque today but did it in the 1950's and 60's. Arrested on many occasions for "indecency" (the police were really gay back then and actually arrested him during shows). Died of a heroin overdose in 1966.
Lenny Bruce is the biggest rebel in the history of comedy

Without Lenny Bruce there would be no Howard Stern...and the world needs Howard Stern
by Michael Scholl March 08, 2005
the 27th PICK OF THE 1983 draft, since there were only 28 teams back then, dipshit. his defenses were consistently near the bottom of the league and never truly had a great running back. when asked to give up the ball to the running game, he did out of desire to win a championship, only to find that the players jimmy johnson picked at that position were duds. in most experts opinion, he is at least on a par with any quarterback in nfl history. probably a victim of his own statistics, because idiots like don shula figure "if we just rely on danny to pass teh ball all game, we're bound to win a super bowl eventually". peers of his like john elway, had the fortune of having a coach with a brain, who realizes that you will not win superbowls unless you have a balanced attack on offense and a solid defense.
idiots would call marino selfish, but i wonder how far those teams would have gone relying on teh running game and defense they didn't have
by Michael Scholl April 04, 2005
the act of being like a japanese anime character; having qualities or characteristics similar to japanese anime
Tim Vanderpek was being very animesque yesterday.

If you don't quit your animesque ways i'm going to kick your ass.

Congradulations Mrs. Jones you've just had an animesque child.
by Michael Scholl April 16, 2004
One of the biggest icons of the entertainment industry and someone who really revolutionized comedy.
People with no brain will call him "a loser who is ugly and says stupid things..." etc. but they miss the point that:
a)it is hard to call a man who is a radio legend and multi multi millionaire a "loser"
b)the man knows he is ugly and says stupid things, that is what his comedy is based on: stupid and controversial topics.

He is an unlikely celebrity and represents the underdog rather than being a complete fraud like many celebrities. so if you don't like him then go fucking pop in a Julia Roberts movie while listening to a Madonna or Cher album becuase obviously you don't like honesty

Howard Stern has ruled the radio airwaves for over 20 years

If you list the biggest comedy genius of all time you cannot leave Howard off that list
by Michael Scholl March 08, 2005
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