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Super Hot Housewife. A married chick of incredible beauty.
Tom: Have you seen that lady who moved into the new house down the block?
Bill: No, what does she do?
Tom: Nothing. She's a shousewife. I would clean her pool for free.
by Michael Salzhauer July 04, 2007
A news producer or photographer who stalks not celebrities, but rather tragic news victims. See tragertainment.
My brother Bubba got run over by a train while trying to copy a stunt he saw in "Jackass- The Movie". Next day there were fifteen news vans and tragerazzis snapping my picture and asking me to go on Good Morning America. The tragerazzi from The Enquirer offered me 15K for my dead brother's high school yearbook.
by Michael Salzhauer March 18, 2007
A tragedy, usually a shocking death or murder, turned into a bottomless swirling eddy of raw entertainment by the news media.
Anne Nicole Smith's death and "body custody" battle was pure tragertainment.

by Michael Salzhauer March 18, 2007
Super Hot Wife. An incredibly beautiful married chick.
Have you seen Michael's fiance? She's gonna make one hell of a shwife.

See also: Shousewife.
by Michael Salzhauer July 04, 2007
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