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4 definitions by Michael Reschke

The condition in which a vagina has been subjected to fecal matter by means of "wiping back to front" after defecation. The end result can range from a ghostly streak of brown to a thick, dark, fudge-like caking of the pudenda.
Sally's fudgina was unique in the fact that it was speckled with corn and peanut fragments.
by Michael Reschke June 08, 2006
pronounced: (no-ass-at-all) A reference to a non-existent drug that reduces the size of one's ass to almost nothing. Usually said about someone that lacks an ass.
Dude1: What do you guys think about Sally?
Dude2: She needs to stop abusing the noasitol.
Dude3: Definately! Bitch should be in rehab!
by Michael Reschke August 07, 2007
"Glimpse of Light In Pussy Area." When looking at a skinny girl's ass, it's a condition in which a ray of light shines through between her thighs (directly under the snooter) even though her legs are fully closed. Chiefly attributed to lacking an ass (sometimes from abusing Noasitol).
(Setting) Dude1 and 2 are standing in line. Cindy is standing in the distance staring at a poster.
Dude1: Check out Cindy's ass!
Dude2: I wouldn't recommend looking directly at it. May I suggest looking at the reflection of it in a bucket of water. Otherwise, you could risk going blind.
Dude1: What the hell are you talking about?
Dude2: She's got a GLIPA from hell.
Dude1: I'm sure my welding mask will help.

by Michael Reschke August 07, 2007
A hybrid word used as a substitute for "vagina." The result of combining: Snatch and Cooter.
Martha slapped me in the face, so I kicked her in the snooter.
by Michael Reschke August 07, 2007