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3 definitions by Michael Ptacek

1.The name of a clothing store in Taiwan. Apparently they don't know that the word "nigger" is derogatory term. It is a store that sells hip hop clothing to the Chinese/Taiwanese people who want to look like black Americans which if you think about it is pretty scary.
2. A non african-american who wears such gear or is decked out as such.
Look at that chink wearing FUBU. Where does he shop at? Nigger King? Yo nigger king! Don't you know that you are asian, white, etc.?
by Michael Ptacek November 13, 2007
Lesbians who ride their Vespa scooters together. A trendy moped version of "dykes on bikes".
My neighbor and her life partner ride their vespa scooters around with other lesbians and they call themselves vespians.
by Michael Ptacek November 13, 2007
The practice of spelling a word incorrectly on purpose in order to make it easier to find it on the internet or in an internet search. The practice seems to have come about only since the commercialization of the internet.
There is a big new shopping mall called the mall of Millenia and they spell the word millennia incorrectly on purpose which I would call a trademarked spelling since they can trademark Millenia and call it their own word.
by Michael Ptacek November 13, 2007