2 definitions by Michael O'Megle

A male on Chatroulette who is about to start wanking, but isn't yet in the act.

Signs of a Pre-Wank:

1. No shirt
2. In a dark room
3. Does not show his face
4. Hands on the clothed crotch
5. Above the age of 45

if one of these signs is present, then you have enough reason to press f9 (next) as fast as possible
Video Display: (a hairy-chested man with a bottle of lotion in hand)
Patrick: Hit f9!
by Michael O'Megle April 14, 2010
when you are intellectually high on marijuana and you find yourself thinking very deeply about academic subjects (such as History, Literature, Philosophy, Language, Science, Education, Math, Politics, and/or Art) and you have intellectual revelations.
mike: hey how was that weed?

Vann: dude amazing! it gave me an Oxford High so i was thinking about Literature and its importance in expressing how we've always felt the same throughout history. then i smoked more and appreciated the shit out of shakespeare

mike: i gotta get me some of this weed, i wanna be Oxford High too!
by Michael O'Megle July 15, 2010

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