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General term used to describe a very actractive, and stylish woman or girl.
"That girl Cherie, is a real Glamma"
by Michael Misha July 05, 2005
Drink too much booze, and spew all over the place.
"Oh man Patric wasted he just Sponged out"
by Michael Misha June 24, 2005
The local pub or bar
"lets go to the Whiskey Bar tonight"
by Michael Misha June 24, 2005
Aussie Coalition
A newly established Australian Gang Standing up for their rights on their home turf. Usually peaceful unless provoked or drunk and routy.
AC may be tagsmay be seen in various places in the Burwood area.
by Michael Misha June 24, 2005
A red car, that has a history sexual activities been performed in it. In particular a 1991 Ford GL Corsair.
"hey look its Misha in his Red Rocket, he's going to score for sure"
by Michael Misha June 24, 2005
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