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Alright look im a juggalo and im tired of all this bullshit that keeps gettin thrown out of wack. No we dont give a shit and no we are not all about violience. we are outcasts and life does have its moments of fuckin us over. But what makes us juggalos/lettes is not the music, the clothes, the language, its the sheer fact of havin the god damn balls to stand up for what you believe and take control of your life. to not let some bigit fuck tear you down. or the next adolf hitler fuck you in the ass with his smooth talk.

Behind all the music are messages that people dont hear only because they concentrate on the negative words and such.which is why you get people who seem hatefull all the time who call themselves juggalos its because of what we have gone through and how we take care of our shit. we are fam because we can accept a man/woman for who they are not by what qaulity of clothes they wear.

The shit all you haters say is shit that some higher class richie bitch said to make sure we stay under them. well i have news for all you fuckin cock suckers who say your better than us by the clothes you wear the house you live in and so on.......fuck you because we have become better than you because we understand life and not the life of the money hungry fucks like you. we know what its all about through the messages of the clowns, twiztid, blaze,boondox,ect,,,,
we have overcome the barriers and hell of bein garbage for now we accept it and laugh. its a waste of your time but we dont care because we have all the time in the world to make a richie bitch look like a dumb fuck.

one more quick not: we dont act black or any other race but what we are. most of you talk about labels well there ya go sayin that rap and being a gangster or talking negative is being black. how stupid are you really??

MMFWCL to the fam
Juggalo/juggalettes will allways be here get use to it!!!!!!!!
by Michael Meadows June 17, 2007

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