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when a woman queefs on a mans balls during sex.
Hey Jordan i hear Haleigh queefed on ur balls last night.
Yeah it was such a good ball queef
#ball #queef #balls queef #fart #smelly queef
by Michael Mead October 17, 2007
when a women sucks a mans dick and the sound it makes
i was walking into my house and i could hear carly making a smap smap sound
#blow job #lick #slurpy #smack #sloppy
by Michael Mead November 06, 2007
when u drink orange juice and causes ur cooter to swell up.
When Haleigh was 6 she had a juicey cooter
#oj #cooter #orange #juice #cooty booty
by Michael Mead November 08, 2007
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