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An intense adjective used to describe something horrible or foul. Could pertain to a feeling, a smell, someones appearance, etc.
I feel like smashed ass.

Damn, somethign smells like smashed ass.

Your mom looks like smashed ass.
by Michael McGuire February 08, 2004
The act(or art if you will) of being a schmuck.
Mike:What the hell is keith doing?
Fred:He must be up to some schmuckery!

Dating that girl is dabbaling in shmuckery
by Michael McGuire February 08, 2004
A location where an abundance or plethra of schmucks reside. A place where shmuckery roams free.
France is considered by many to be a schmuckdom.
by Michael McGuire February 08, 2004
One who hoards fesh juicy prostate. Will not settle for dry or spoiled prostate.
I once talked to a prostate monger and she said, "I only milk the freshest and finest prostates in town".
by Michael McGuire February 10, 2004
King schmuck, but we all love him.
Hey look, here comes the keither prancing about.
by Michael McGuire February 09, 2004
Terrific,stellar, pimpadocious.
Receving a blow job is panderific.
by Michael McGuire February 08, 2004
Used to describe someone that is an idiot of intense proportions. A schmuck.
That cop was clearly a cock schwaggler
by Michael McGuire February 08, 2004

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