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The series of (often) unspoken social rules shared by smokers.
"Dude, don't you know you shouldn't go onto a crowded dance floor with a lit cigarette? That's really bad cigarettiquette."
#smoke #cigarette #cigarettes #tobacco #smoker
by Michael Lark July 16, 2007
A male, usually younger, who enjoys picking up, dating, and/or having sexual relations with women in their late 40's and up.
Look at him hitting on that MILF - he's such a granny grabber.
#milf #gilf #cougar #gummer #grandmother #old lady
by Michael Lark August 14, 2007
noun - someone who has been blamed for another person's flatulence; verb - the act of blaming someone for the another's flatulence.
Bob passed gas and left the room quickly, leaving Mary to be his scapefart.

Bob! That was the last straw! You scapefarted me in front of the guests! I'm leaving you!
#fart #pass gas #gas #flatulate #flatulence
by Michael Lark September 21, 2008
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