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A Really Hot Woman Or Women All In One Location
Dude... You Should Of Saw All The Flosh On The 24 The Day There Was Loads....

Really Wish I'd Came Now

Yeaa You Shud Of There Was An Old Granny Propa Gilf XD
by Michael Johnstone March 20, 2008
A 'Smack Head' Is A Person Who Takes Alot Of Drugs And Usually Was Born In Deckham And Lives In A Smack Shed.
The Story Of A Smack Head
Mr 1.Weyy Ayee Did You See Those Smack Heads Going Into The Smack Shed??
Mr 2.Yess I Built It.... Duh !!
Mr 1.Oh...Are You A Smack Head?
Mr 2.Noo....(Inserting A Needle Into Mr 1's Arm)
Mr 2.Well Maybe... I Am XD
by Michael Johnstone March 20, 2008
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