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One who has sex after nightfall. Moreover, one who has secret liasons after nightfall to elude detection by others.
She's nothing but a nasty night feeder; her trade would rumble in the light of day.
by Michael James April 27, 2005
Similar to "gay fever" but generally meant to imply the frenzy of activity, planning and drama up to and including "gay, lesbian bi transgender pride" in a particular locale.

Also, many smaller communities that do not have "a substantial GLBT population" often consider "gay pride" as the high holy days of queerdom. The entire experience may be referred to as "pride fever."
Based on actual conservation: Gurl these sissies got Pride Fever, but two weeks afterwards they will be whining...when was gay pride, oh...it's dead.

Or, from parade/pride organizers perspective, these sissies won't come to meetings, or do any planning, but gurl...please...come May first...they get Pride Fever.
by Michael James May 19, 2007
We often hear of "dirt" in the context of "gossip" or interesting yet trivial facts about other people's lives. In the gay world, sharing "the dirt" seems to be an important pasttime. In fact, "dirt" has become some of a commodity to be shared. But to get "dirt" one has to "give dirt" or "share dirt." For the past 20 years, my gay friends when they feel they are not getting the full information (411) from one their friends, often restrict the flow of information to that friend, hence placing that person on the diet dirt plan or DD.
I put her on diet dirt, or she's on the DD plan.
by Michael James February 20, 2005

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