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The act of stealing wireless from your neigbor or a business that has an unsecured wireless router.
"We can't afford cable or DSL, so we are wirelesssquatting from our landlord downstairs"
by Michael Jahn March 16, 2007
To wake someone up, to get their attention using cross media multi-touch campaigns (Personalized direct mail that contains a PURL (Personal URL) to notify someone about a new product, a new event that they should attend or new service.
They never heard of us, so we decided it was time to magicomm them.
by Michael Jahn August 31, 2007
a person on a mission related to "Open" applications and operating systems. Someone who passionately supports Open source as a development methodology. Someone who support the development of source code for software that is made available for public collaboration, and it is usually released as open-source software.
Microsoft moved to appease its critics and reassure regulators by proclaiming that Office 2007 SP2 will support rival file format OpenDocument Format (ODF) 1.1 used by openistas such as IBM and Sun Microsystems.
by Michael Jahn October 23, 2008
A USB periferal tester. Someone who knows how to make things devices (Scanners, printers) connect to the PC or laptop when they are not 'plug-n-play'
"My beyatch bought a new all in one, and she is all callin' me and shit - she thinks i am her portnurd."
by Michael Jahn April 26, 2006
When you mail a postcard that contains a Personalize Universal/Unique Resource Locator (PURL), when the PostCard recipient enters that the URL, they are taken to a Personal URL that contains their name (which was either created beforehand or on-demand - this if popular with companies that deliver cross-media marketing campaigns so they can tract response.
When I typed in my PURL, the web page said "welcome Ms. Kumber" - which was hella funny because that was not my name !
by Michael Jahn January 06, 2008
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