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1)An assertive female that is not desired by self-respecting men, whilst also having commoner attributes.
Disloyal, unrealistic and usually overweight, they enjoy pre-adult unplanned pregnancies, generally have very poor hygiene and wear cosmetics excessively. Not genuine, nor intelligent, they don't aspire to anything, their only job highlight will obviously be cleaning lavatories.
Michael: Hayes says she is such a toilet cleaning slag. How nasty can a woman actually be?
Philip: Oh, you'd be suprised. There's alot of them out there...(pointing at the women walking out of the emergency exit)
by Michael J. Rogan April 30, 2008
1)An Ice Hockey franchise that actually wins the cup, unlike any of its immediate rivals.)
If there was a competition of cups in the last 30 years, the devils have the same amount of Stanley Cups than the rest of the tri-states put together.
Also, the team with undoubtedly the best goalkeeper in the league and easily in the top three of all time, Martin Brodeur.
John: I know our stadium isn't always full, but at least we have banners on the ceiling that havent faded...
this is why the devils rock.
Sean: Pity us in Philadelphia don't have any to show in the last age.
by Michael J. Rogan April 30, 2008
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