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The craziest, wildest, most volatile coach known to man, in any sport. Although a very nice man off the football field, when he's on the sideline, his levels of both anger and elation exceed the limits that were previously known to the human race. Muschamp has been known to yell, "BOOM, MOTHERFUCKER" at the top of his lungs- which is usually loud enough for the TV cameras to pick up- when his defense (which he is also known for building and coaching well) makes a big stop. Search his name in youtube, and the first four suggestions you'll get are angry, crazy, mad and cussing.

One time, he got so pissed at one of his players that he was literally unable to form words, and just clenched his teeth and sputtered for several seconds before he actually gave up trying to speak and turned away.

Another time, he was so upset over a bad call against his team that he chewed out a referee throughout the entire ensuing TV commercial. Then, he decided that the TV timeout didn't give him adequate time to properly deliver his tongue lashing, so he called a timeout just to run back to the same ref and scream at him for another three minutes.

He'll be the first one to congratulate you on a big play, and he'll be the first to get in your face after a bad play- and either way, your ears will be ringing for hours.
Will Muschamp is the only coach to ever get caught cussing on live TV twice in the same season
by Michael Hammond May 04, 2013
When a girl gets cramps in her stomach (technically in her ovaries) after having intense sexual intercourse but without achieving orgasm. It is NOT the cramps a girl gets when she is on her period. Blue belly is basically the female version of blue balls, although unlike blue balls, it can only happen during intercourse, as opposed to masturbation. It's also less common than blue balls, but the pain can still be quite intense and can last for up to several hours.
Jacob: Hey baby, time to wake up.

Alissa: Ohhh... I don't feel good. My stomach really hurts.

Jacob: Do you need me to call a doctor?

Alissa: No, it's just that when we had sex last night, I was so close but then you pulled out anyway like an asshole... and so I just lay awake all night with blue belly.
by Michael Hammond May 03, 2013
When somebody directly interferes with a girl's ability to have sex with a guy. It's essentially the female version of a cock block.
Sarah: I can't believe I just got twat blocked by my friend. I'm so pissed!

Hannah: Some friend!
by Michael Hammond May 03, 2013

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