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A responce to a boring question that you don't feel like answering. It may also, in rare cases, express one's true love of turltes. <3
Johnathan you're looking good you have an awesome face paint job what do you think?

-I like turtles.
by Michael Habic November 03, 2007
An extremely talented musician, Dave’s career started with the grunge band Nirvana. He had drummed the whole album, Nevermind, and helped to write Smells Like Teen Spirit. After Kurt Cobain’s death in early 1994, Dave went underground and made his own album. He was recruited by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, as well as Pearl Jam. He decided not to join. His album, which included him playing every instrument and singing, was found by a record label in 1995. He had gotten a band together, his album a professional mix, and it was released as the Foo Fighter’s debut album. Since then Dave had drummed an entire album for Queens of The Stone Age (You Are Free) and for Tenacious D.
"If I had a choice to bring John Bonham back to life and have him be my drummer I would say no 'cause Dave Grohl is an awesome drummer. (Dave) is really that good." - Kurt Cobain
by Michael Habic July 17, 2008
1. To masturbate alone.

2. The opposite of a Jane Fonda.
1. Why did she have to break up with me?! I'm so upset! *ted turners*

2. Let's see, there's me, you, and two girls. I will Jane Fonda and you can Ted Turner.
by Michael Habic September 13, 2007
One who bangs many dooples. What is a doople? And what does banging mean? This is all open to interpritation. It is in fact a play on words of dopple ganger, but this is much cooler.
Hey man are you a doople banger?

Hell yea.

by Michael Habic January 01, 2009
The unwritten but universally accepted amount of time before a close friend of a friend may get together with said person's ex girlfriend. It may be wise to consult close friend for approval before delving into said ex-girlfriend.
A: Hey, lets break up.

B: Okay.

*Insert Three Month Rule*

C: Hey, I'm B's friend. Wanna bang?

A: Sure.
by Michael Habic June 10, 2008
1. The nectar of the gods. The best flavor is an Arnold Palmer 1/2 Iced Tea 1/2 Lemonade. Other good flavors are Watermelon and Kiwi, as well as Watermelon. And they are cheap, usually less than $1.10. Got to your nearest gas station and get one now.

2. A deserty state.
1. Hey man wanna go get some Arizonas?

Hell yea I do will you cover me?

Sure they're only a buck. :)

2. It's hot here in Arizona. Let's cool off with an Arizona, on me.
by Michael Habic October 07, 2009

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