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7 definitions by Michael Goodrich

Saying "you sight?" means "You know what I mean?"
Your mom's a bare cunt, ya sight.
by Michael Goodrich December 06, 2006
60 26
The rush hole of a pipe or bong.
When I took my finger off the carburetor I sucked in so much smoke that I coughed.
by Michael Goodrich December 03, 2006
16 8
Herpes like sores that show up after jerking off to digital images so so much that your penis's skin gets something like a rug burn and might bleed a little. It happens when you jerk off too much and don't use lube.
Dude, I was up till four last night watching internet porno and when I woke up to take a shower I had digital herpes all over the side of my cock.
by Michael Goodrich March 12, 2007
23 20
An oaf

A deformity of the penis.
Hey dicknuckle, you suck.

I was born with a dicknuckle.
by Michael Goodrich December 01, 2006
3 3
Porno. Bean footage is simply video pornography.
I saw my ex on some internet bean footage.
by Michael Goodrich December 03, 2006
2 4
Condoms, because you need a ticket to get in.
Oh no, you are not having sex with me without tickets.
by Michael Goodrich December 04, 2006
12 34
Slang for a gram of any type of drug.
You holdin? I need a grizz please.
by Michael Goodrich December 04, 2006
15 44