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An oppressed white guy is someone who thinks that words like 'cracker' are as bad as 'nigger,' and likes to pretend that when he uses the word nigger, he's not doing anything wrong because black people use it. Oppressed white guys also think that Feminism is a threat to their masculinity.

They don't realize that white men have not been disempowered by society at large, and pretend that they're under attack.
"So what if by using the word 'nigger' black people are reclaiming the term? I'm being oppressed because I can't use it!"

"I don't realize that freedom of speech is simply a legal distinction, so I should be allowed to say Nigger without anyone getting mad!"

"Boo-hoo, I'm a white male. It's so hard to be a white male."

"It will be a great day when a white man can finally be elected president in this country."

The appropriate response to any of the above examples is "You're right, oppressed white guy. Let me get my violin."
by Michael Gagne July 29, 2007
'Ripshit' is used as a verb, and to convey emotions of extreme anger. Once someone actually goes ripshit, however, they are usually past the capacity for speech.

When someone is really pounding the shit out of another dude, they can be said to have gone 'ripshit.'
"I'm going to go ripshit if (name) doesn't (pay me back/burn me that CD/stop sleeping with my girlfriend in my bed)

"Someone stole my weed from the gym locker. I'm so fucking ripshit."

by Michael Gagne May 16, 2006
An excuse for people to be dicks to each other.
An invalid argument usually used against Anarchy and Communism.

The impulse to survive. If the best way to survive in a given society is to compete and gather more wealth than the next guy, humans in that society will strive to compete. Likewise, if survival requires cooperation, then the human will strive for cooperation.
"Ner ner ner, human nature. Now I can pretend I'm not ignorant about two political theories which I've never bothered to research or consider."

by Michael Gagne May 02, 2007
"Ner Ner Ner" is what it sounds like when a liberal spouts their daily whine about how Obama isn't the ominipotent overlord they imagine the president to be, or when a republican politician opens their mouth about anything.

When an argument in a debate is ill-thought-out, tired, already been beat or clearly parroted from/informed by a cultish devotion to the politics of a particular opinion setter. like Bill Maher or Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Also, Glenn Beck, with the note that he is way, way worse than Bill, Matt, or Trey.

It's also the desperate sound of a bad argument being repeated louder after it's been beaten.
"If we raise taxes it punishes the job creators. Ner ner ner."

"Ner ner ner, life begins at conception."

"Ner ner ner! Where's the blowjob robots Obama promised me?"
"Obama's actually kind of accomplished a lot, like environmental regulation and presidential orders that..."
by Michael Gagne August 18, 2011
A sly slang term for hallucinogenic mushrooms. Can be used just to refer to mushrooms in particular or when you're really optimistic about the potence of a recent acquisition.

Also a good way to refer to drugs when talking to sober people who say hi to you on the street at random.
Stranger 1: "How's it goin?"
You: "Just waitin' for the fireworks, man."

Dealer: "You ever had these before?"
Buyers: "Nope."
Dealer: "They're some real fireworks. Have fun tonight, guys."
by Michael Gagne June 17, 2008
The 'U' is long. An adjective used to liken a cowardly person to a big bag of puss. Not unlike a Pussball.
"Dude, the bus driver totally doesn't give a shit if you light up a joint! Just do it, you pussbag."

by Michael Gagne May 02, 2007

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