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2 definitions by Michael Flip

A scene boy or girl (More common among girls) who goes to local shows, but doesn't listen to the music. They usually just go to start drama with other people. After the show, if the band members are hot, they'll pretend they listened the whole way just to get in their pants.
Band Member A: Looks like tonight is nothing but show whores.
Band Member B: As long as they payed who cares.
Band Member C: They're paying groupies!
by Michael Flip June 04, 2007
A message board where all the users are fucking retarded. God's joke to humans. God has a horrible, sick, twisted sense of humor.
Akura: at lest i hav frinds!!11
Pandora: Yeah, tell them (the X-RPG member base) I said Hi.
Akura: ya tey sed GO TO HELL Planet Live!!!
by Michael Flip August 10, 2006