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a woman's vagina during menstruation
man, my dick looked like a twizzler when i took it out of her ketchup cooch
by Michael Ferry March 12, 2007
When you are stimulating your female counterpart's vagina with your fingers while in a standing position, lift her up by the cooter with the hand currently inside it, and place her over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes (or whatever sack you feel like throwing over your shoulder) and continue fingering her. Continue until orgasm, repeat as neccesary.
I fuckin' gave that bitch The Flying Ferry last night, fool. She was all up on my shoulders and shit.
by Michael Ferry March 04, 2008
the labial folds of a woman's vagina
usually larger than "normal"
"I buried my head in that bitch's cuddle-cushion last night, nigga"
by Michael Ferry March 12, 2007
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