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the law enforcement agency know as the "Police" or "Coppers"
The johnny hoppers will catch you if you blow up the old mans house
by Michael Evans April 03, 2004
1)An evil faggot rite of passage dating back to the ancient greeks, basically describing the process, recently made infamous by the woodster in St. Andrews, by which a man proceeds to give oral satisfaction to another man.
2)name given to anything that seems completely and unbelievably pathetic and thats runs contrary to all reasonable heterosexual principles.
James had never seen such a rampant display of cocksucketry....
by Michael Evans October 24, 2003
A person (usually male) who either:
1. Drives a sik car
2. Is to kewl for skool
3. Does something that he thinks
every1 will think he is kewl for doin
4. Is just a champ in general

Sik cunts can be found around big shopping centres or doin chap laps!
Geez that michael is a sik cunt VN Driver
by Michael Evans April 03, 2004

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