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tau kappa epsilon is:

-where their average blood alcohol level is greater then their GPA.

-a bunch of guys standing in a room with no purpose.
roofie distribution center.

-a place where a bunch of morons go to pat each other on the back saying how awesome they are.

-people whom are proud to be associated to politicians.

-where you can drink like an idiot and be hailed as a champion.

-an vacuum of intelligence.

-where the best hazing takes place.

-the biggest "frat" in the nation which is why most greek organizations distance them selfs from the word "frat" and instead use "fraternity".

-where becoming a brother is the greatest achievement that associates will be likely to achieve in their lifetime.

-a nationwide network of boys where the only connection to each other are the letters on their shirts and the crappy beer they serve

-where the doushebags from highschool go if they arent cops and no, in case you are wondering they didnt change a bit either.

-the date in which TKE was founded is commonly known as the beginning of the downfall of the american fraternal organizations.

-Soulja boy's white boy fan club yes, these guys have the whole album and yes, they do play ALL the songs - if you heard any of em.. you know what im talking about

-if all TKEs were moved to Zimbabwe the percentage of Americans infected with STDs would drop by 1/4.

if you are at a bar and there are people screaming and chanting for no apparant reason, there are no ladies present, or if they have access to music they play really bad songs from 2003, it is likely they are associated with tke.

the college equivalent of a crack head.

where people go for the free beer and party, but none stay for the company of the brothers.

THAT GUY as in "dont be that guy" - is usually a tke.

the greatest threat to the reputation of fraternal organizations yet the smallest threat on a 1 to 1 personal level.

a group of people each privately thinking... maybe i joined the wrong club.

the guy who puts an exhaust and decals on a 95 honda civic yet does no engine modification. "the flame stickers makes it go faster"

were you can find that guy who was 28 when you were a freshman and was still attending school after you graduated with your masters

grown men whom still believe in the tooth fairy.

the skull thats on their coat of arms represents the demise of any character, personality, individualism, you may have had as well as the respect that will be lost by joining this organization.

he who only goes after women known to be "loose" being seen with a TKE automatically makes a woman look 97% more of slut ( with poor taste ) .

the guy at the weight room that does nothing but upper body and does not leave the mirror.

where members dont actually have to go to college to join
just ask elvis

a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon spawned paris hilton.

the nations leading promoter of sasuage-fest parties.

the butt of every joke for the rest of the greek community

id rather have my sister be dating a 40 year old convict then to be dating a tke- and its true

"there are far worse things then having cancer, i mean you could be a tke"
- and yes i have actually heard this EXACT phrase and the cancer patient recovered perfectly fine and still glad hes not in tke

Tau kappa Epsilon was created for that the everyday man can also have a fraternal organization. well they have it, these men are the run of the mill, nearly clones. possessing nothing to say of their character or self worth
aww your boyfirend is in tau kappa epsilon,? im sorry to hear that
"dont go greek go tke"

In a Tau Kappa Epsilon house,
so what are we doing tonight
same thing we do everynight DRINK! and force ourselfs onto drunk girls!
dude, that wasnt a girl last night, that was a pledge
oh, i thought there was something down there i liked
by Michael D. Suggs May 06, 2008

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