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Killing a zombie in a dramatic fashion; such as by samurai sword. The term is in reference to the Michonne character in the graphic novel and television series "The Walking Dead," who was infamous for her brutal and effective methods for killing zombies. Also can be written as Michonne'd or Mich0wned.
"Damn, did you see that zombie get Michonned out of nowhere by that sword?"
by Michael Bukakis March 19, 2012
(also 'dot comrade') n. an acquaintance first encountered online whom you have not yet met in real life

can range from something as casual and one-dimensional as a preferred online chess opponent to a mutual Livejournal friend whose blogs you've both commented on for years to someone you often corresponded with via webcams and even might have had cybersex with
"Sure, she's listed 400 friends on her Myspace, but most of them are .comrades."

"That reminds me of something my friend Dave said yesterday. Well, actually it was something he wrote on his blog--he's more of a .comrade."
by Michael Bukakis January 13, 2007
the act of clicking your car's keyless entry remote to listen for your alarm beep in order to help find where you parked
"After playing carco polo for twenty minutes in the mall's parking lot, I finally reached my vehicle."
by Michael Bukakis May 12, 2010

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