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4 definitions by Michael *ocharla

when you and your friends go to a graveyard and go munging and the girl shot a cottage cheese discharge when she died so not only do you get the stuff inside you get a dose of a cheese job. You are literally getting the best of both worlds.
"So this weekend me, michael, william, kevin, and chris all went hannah montana-ing."

"no way! I wish I would have gone."
by Michael *ocharla March 24, 2008
43 41
when you shove one hand into a girls vagina and then the other hand in her ass hole and then lifts her up
"i totally gave her a forklift this weekend...she wont be walking for a while."
"yeah i saw her in a wheelchair today."
by Michael *ocharla March 26, 2008
13 12
when you give a girl a donkey punch and then stand on her in a captain morgan pose and cum on her
"so i heard Chris gave her a captain morgan?"
"o yeah he totally did"
by Michael *ocharla March 26, 2008
15 49
when you have sex with a girl and before you cum you beat the crap out of her and cum on her face and leave.
"dude i heard william fight clubed her."
"yeah her face is really beaten up"
by Michael *ocharla March 26, 2008
11 63