7 definitions by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson

Male masturbation, the greatest dicovery known to men.
I love batting off at school.
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 18, 2005
Yogesh Reddy in two to three years time.
Sure Yogi is a great high school tranny, but once he leaves school and starts workin with his brother he's gonna become a trucking tranny.
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 20, 2005
Is where Yogi and his older brother go and pimp out tranny sluts. They usually drop your father and uncle off at oxford st. and you mother and aunty off at canterbury rd.
But why use a truck?
Becasue your mother is one fat bitch and the ass on her requires something real big too carry her. Thats why theres a "wide load" sign on the truck.

Truckin' n Pimpin' - Where Yogi brings the hoes to you...or your mother back to you when you feel horny
Person 1 - Yo... you got the number for Truckin' n Pimpin', you know they one Yogi and his brother run? I'm feelin real horny right now.
Person 2 - Man, what the fuck is wrong with you, fuck you want the number for that for, just ring your mum, she works for yogi, damn mother fuckin white trash inbreed shit, fucking dumb as a mother fucker
Person 1 - ohh, never thought of that
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 21, 2005
You dickheads...
You need a dick to bat off to first
So just keep polishing your dads knob everyday after school
Person 1 - Im going home to have a bat.
Person 2 - Me too.
Person 1 - You dont have a dick you sad fuck
Person 2 - So, my dad lets me jerk his cock off
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 21, 2005
A deceiptful act performed by tranny's with the intention to trick uncareful guys. It involves pushing the cock and nuts right back between the legs, until they touch the arse hole. This makes tranny's in undies/swimming costumes seem like real chiks, unless carefully examined from behind.
BeachGuy1: Fuck that bitch is hot.
BeachGuy2: Bro thats a tranny, cant u see its using the tranny fanny, look from behind.
Yogi in swimming costume: Hey big boys.
BeachGuys: Fuck off tranny!
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 20, 2005
The person who wrote the other defintion would have great experiences of identifying a "Tranny Fanny" because when growing up they saw there saw there grandmother (grandfather, what ever you want to call it) in the shower with their tranny fanny flaps flapping around in the water. These people get slightly aroused when they see a tranny fanny. That is how they can identify a tranny fanny from great distances.
Harris - Damn look at hoe...she fine as!
Edin - Yeah man!
Basel - Do you think she can see us?
Unkown Person - Damn... whats worng with you people, thats a tranny, look at its tranny fanny.
Mohammed - WALLAH BRO?!
William - So??
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 21, 2005
Person 1 - Hey look at that dude there, he looks like he's from the show happy days.
Person 2 - Yeah, all these wog cunts look alike.It's casue there all inbreed sons-of-bitches
Person 1 - Ohh
by Michael "MOTCH" Wilson February 22, 2005

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