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The are to dangley objects loacated on the chest of a woman ( depends on how old you are, they might dangle down to the floor ).
My m8 PAM, i know u r thinkin "i don't know her u stupid twat, so how the hell should i know wot she is like?", well lads or lasses ( mmmmmm ) imagan Denise Richards.
by Michael January 27, 2004
see "muffinman"
see "muffinman"
by michael April 21, 2003
Noun. A supreme being that can be consulted using the Google search engine. Gods answers come back in results.
Why go to church when all you have to do is use google?

and remember on of the 10 commendments say to not worship any other gods... that means its agains he 10 connendants to use msn, yahoo, coolwebsearch, etch
by michael February 12, 2005
another accepted form of a Goatee
I'm trying to gro my Nannygoat back out
by Michael June 20, 2003
The first place computer geeks go to when they visit the middle east expecting to find mp3s but instead find the riaa(really irritating arson assholes).
I went to the gaza strip to download mo3s but i meant to use kazaa.
by michael November 12, 2004
Someone who fingers there bum.
God damn adam just bueno excellente'd himself infront of the whole school!
by Michael September 04, 2003
An individual that supports the University of Alabama sports programs.
Those folks really pull for a BAMA win.
by Michael March 02, 2005

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