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307 definitions by Michael

A person who experiences frequent boners.

Can be fixed with masturbastion.
That boy is a crotch rocket!
by Michael May 03, 2004
Anti-Material Rifle

An experimental rifle being worked on by Steyr.
The Steyr AMR is still in production.
by Michael March 04, 2004
Being one of looseness; one who smells like sexual intercourse and is irresistable to wiki.
Guy#1: woh! she is a SKUNK!
Guy#2: Yeah, i could show her a good time.
Guy#1 dude, your a wiki.
by michael May 07, 2005
its a mates bitch whose soo annoying and thinks shes queen sheba. such as samantha
samantha, jeremys wench, is the biggest fuckin wench mankind has ever developed
by michael August 17, 2004
This item is usually worn by a person, name of Chris Bennett/ mustafa/ mustachio/ potroast/ midget/ annoying-short-person-who-follows-ben-wotkins-everywhere-all-the-time-at-break lol
It appears below the nose and above the mouth and is annoying lol
bennett is a small fool who goes to forest and is short and annoying
by michael March 02, 2004
one's personal space, often used synonymously with grill
You're all up in my skillet, yo.
by Michael November 17, 2004
The are to dangley objects loacated on the chest of a woman ( depends on how old you are, they might dangle down to the floor ).
My m8 PAM, i know u r thinkin "i don't know her u stupid twat, so how the hell should i know wot she is like?", well lads or lasses ( mmmmmm ) imagan Denise Richards.
by Michael January 27, 2004