307 definitions by Michael

like or relating to that crazy gal on LunarForums
confused is a girl!!
by Michael January 17, 2005
Hair found on female breasts
I got really grossed out when I choked on a bube
by Michael January 05, 2004
james skaggs lifestyle
"james lives on the gaycore side of life"
by michael March 30, 2005
a face which has been excreeted upon, mainly because girls have really fucked up tendancies when it comes to erotics...
' I fucked that one, hes a right poo face now'
by michael February 28, 2005
The name of a song (sung prior to 1015AD) a Hebrew mother sings to her doaughter before the daughters wedding night.
The borange sung was emotional, deep with slight humuor and zest
by Michael January 06, 2005
wasted,when you go to a bar and drink a hella lot of liquor.

when you toke foa long azz time and are completely out of touch wit reality
yo look at that sob he's FUBAR(ed).
by michael October 22, 2004
when a guy receives oral sex. (created by one drunk Mark P. while trying to say "dick sucked")
I'm going out with her tonight and I hope I get my duck sick.
by michael March 24, 2004

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